Start happiness with

kotsam awakens happy time for
family, friends, and yourself


“Since 1965”
Continuing tenacity and confidence toward quality
Long traces walking for over half century


With priority on nature and human,
kotsam makes tea with vitality from healthy nature


Start happiness with kotsam
kotsam awakens happy time
with relaxing time of enjoying tea blooming like flowers

kotsam’s Promises

kotsam promises to pursue delicious and healthy food
based on the carefulness toward product
and sincere attitude toward customers

History of kotsam

1965 kotsam’s Beginning
kotsam’s Beginning 1965 Beginning as Beekeeping Company
1990 kotsam’s Growth
kotsam’s Growth 1990 Leading Liquid Tea Company
2010 kotsam’s Leap
kotsam’s Leap 2010 Integrated Tea Specialized Company
2020 kotsam Today
kotsam Today 2020 Global Food Company

Thanks For
All Flowers

As a company leading the history and value of beekeeping business for a long time, “kotsam” is a pure Korean word for honey and flower.
Growing with customers’ love based on the priority value of human and nature,
kotsam will pursue delicious and healthy products based on the grateful heart toward flower, nature, and customers.


Smooth and cheerful line is designed to express beauty
and confidence and the long connected logo’s unique design expresses
kotsam’s history and individuality.

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